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Quality Business Awards The Best Weight Loss Centre in Edmonton – World Weight Loss

Achieving health and weight goals can be challenging, but World Weight Loss can help members reach their goals.

World Weight Loss strives to assist all members either in-person or online. Every World Weight Loss members receives the same personalized and exceptional standard of care. World Weight Loss has been honoured with the 2022 Quality Business Award for the Best Weight Loss Centre in Edmonton.

Since their establishment, World Weight Loss has been committed to providing supportive and effective help for those wishing to lose weight. During in-person or virtual meetings, World Weight Loss helps each member to define individual goals and to create an optimal nutrition and exercise plan. Body Mass Index (BMI) has long been used to assess whether an individual is over or under weight, but World Weight Loss believes that BMI is too simplistic to be useful for weight loss. Instead of relying on BMI, World Weight Loss members are able to use 3D Body Scan Technology to gain a better understanding of his or her unique body composition. 3D Body Scans are a useful tool in better predicting how nutrition and exercise will factor in to reaching each member’s weight loss goals. World Weight Loss also has an excellent World Weight Loss app that allows members to see how every action is making a difference in achieving individual goals. The World Weight Loss app tracks exercise routines, measures calories, and visualizes how the member’s body is changing. The meetings, 3D body scans, app, and products all work together in achieving health and weight loss goals for World Weight Loss members.

World Weight Loss is a clear leader in the weight loss industry. The World Weight Loss team is celebrated throughout the Edmonton community. Highly favourable reviews of World Weight Loss are plentiful. “Do I recommend World Weight Loss?! YES YES YES! This program changed my life and I’m forever grateful for this team!” “I feel amazing after two weeks of this program, I was a yo-yo diet
person for years always struggling with weight and healthy living. I am now learning how to eat the right foods and portions, but never lacking in anything. I have more energy and my moods have changed. I’m not a gym person but small amount of exercising is now exciting and I want to do more as I feel better every day and seeing results is beyond rewarding!” “ I am beyond impressed with World. The staff are amazing and service has been fantastic. I felt very comfortable sharing my fitness goals with the team and what I wanted to see as an end result – it’s only been 2 months and I am already seeing huge results! I feel incredible and have probably hit the best shape of my life! Highly recommend this place!!” These are just a few of the many enthusiastic reviews written by members who were extremely impressed with the communication and service provided by World Weight Loss. The entire team goes above and beyond to ensure incredible, personalized support for every member. 


The Quality Business Awards honour businesses that achieve an average quality score of 95% or higher over the previous year. In order to be considered for the award, the business must have exceptional customer reviews from more than three various platforms. Businesses that have maintained sterling reputations and records over numerous years with few complaints will score very highly. Businesses that respond to the majority of client comments and reviews consistently will also be highly viewed upon. Finally, these businesses must conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, regularly give back to the community and make concrete efforts to reduce their carbon imprint. A Quality Business Award is the seal of quality and acknowledges a true dedication to providing a quality product and excellent customer service.

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