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What will your weight loss journey look like?

We take your health to heart. That’s why our programs all involve working directly with you to define your goals, understand your body, and create a plan that’s perfect for you. With the added support of our weekly check-ins and nutrition guidance, you’ll be able to enjoy the process of weight loss as you monitor your progress through the World Weight Loss App.

The World Weight Loss Process

1. Sign up to book your consultation

The World Weight Loss Process

2. Come in for your free consultation

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The World Weight Loss Process

3. Start your program

The World Weight Loss Process

4. Tailored Memberships and Expert Guidance

Once you choose your membership, we can refer you to one of our highly qualified physicians who can diagnose and prescribe FDA approved GLP-1 medications if necessary. Some of these medications include Semaglutide™, Ozempic™, Wegovy™, Rybelsus™ and Mounjaro™.

World Weight Loss App

The World Weight Loss Process

5. Additional Support

We also provide access to certified nutritionists, personal trainers, mental health specialists, and weight loss consultants. To make weight loss as effective and simple as possible, we also offer easy-to-use nutrition and tracking applications, as well as weekly one-to-one meetings with our team of experts. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of professional care and support as they work to reach their weight loss goals.

The World Weight Loss Process

6. Track your progress

Track your progress
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The World Weight Loss Process

7. Reach your weight loss goals

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