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3D Body Scan Technology

Information that powers our weight loss programs

Every person who walks through our doors is welcome to get a better understanding of their body composition. By using 3D Body Scans, we are able to better predict how your nutrition and exercise will factor in to reaching your weight loss goals. This way, our programs can be specially designed to produce the results you’re seeking.

Body Mass Index (BMI) has long been used to assess whether a person is under or over weight, however this system is far too simplistic to be useful for weight loss. Instead, body composition scans provide a clear picture of your body fat distribution, allowing us to have a nuanced understanding and targeted approach to managing your weight.

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The World Weight Loss app

Your own personal health tracker

Being able to see your progress in real-time is an asset during your weight loss program. The World Weight Loss app enables our members to see how every action they take is making a difference as they work to achieve their goals. Track your exercise routines, measure your calories intake and output, and see how your body is changing as you take the steps to reach your goals.


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